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Capital Group

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We have our branches and associated companies in Wrocław, Zawiercie, Radzionków, Legnica, Łódź,

Warsaw and Cracow and the commercial agencies in Kielce and Gliwice.

Moreover we are a shareholder of the companies of metallurgical industry:

- „Ferrum” PLC in Katowice–the main producer of welded steel pipes in Poland.
Production: high frequency induction welded steel pipes, spirally welded steel pipes, longitudinally welded
steel pipes, hollow sections.
- „ZKS Ferrum” PLC in Katowice – one of the biggest manufacturers of LPG containers, vertical
tanks and cisterns in Poland.
Production: pressure vessels for LPG, vertical tanks, autoclaves, cisterns, construction for metallurgical
industry, steel construction for power industry, pipelines and elements for pipelines, building constructions,
bridge constructions.


- Walcownie Bruzdowe „Batory” Ltd. in Chorzów –the producer of products from more than

200 grades of constructional, alloy, high-alloy, tool and rapid tool steel.
Production: bars in full material ranges from unalloyed and alloyed constructional steel, medium-alloy
higher-strength steel, tool steel, rapid tool and high-alloy steel, ground injection anchois, ground nails,
micro piles, drilling rods, billets and blooms.



- „RBS – Stal” Ltd. in Kraków –the producer of elements and steel construction for building
Production: steel elements for concrete reinforcement, steel plates, steel frames, beam reinforcement, loadbearing wall, piles and much more constructions needed in building industry.
- Huta Zabrze PLC in Zabrze – one of the major producers of machines and equipment for
metallurgy, coke industry, power engineering and environment - oriented companies.
Production: machines and equipment for metallurgy, coke industry, power engineering and environment -
oriented companies; cranes and transportation equipment, steel constructions, castings of alloy cast and cast
steel, mechanical slide valves for blast-furnace and coke gas pipelines.



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