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42-400 Zawiercie
e-mail: export at bskreturn dot com dot pl
tel. +48 32 67 09 273
fax. +48 32 67 09 689

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We aim at increasing our market share in domestic and foreign trade.

The company BSK RETURN PLC has been established in 1992. The headquarter is situated at 22 Towarowa Str., Zawiercie, Poland, EUR VAT PL6492064479. 

The Company management consists of:
  • Sławomir Bajor – the President
  • Krzysztof Bilkiewicz – the Vice President
Our main activities are:
  • trade of scrap and non-ferrous scrap
  • processing on specialized machines, recycling, dismantling
  • trade of steel products
  • import and export

We can offer to our customers wide range of steel products:
  • Rebars
  • Round bars
  • Flat bars
  • Square bars
  • Wire rod
  • Plates
  • Hollow sections
  • Angles
  • Welded steel pipes


We have our branches and associated companies in Wrocław, Zawiercie, Radzionków, Legnica, Łódź, Warsaw and Cracow and the commercial agencies in Kielce and Gliwice.

Moreover we are a shareholder of the companies of metallurgical industry:

- „Ferrum” PLC in Katowice–the main producer of welded steel pipes in Poland.
Production: high frequency induction welded steel pipes, spirally welded steel pipes, longitudinally welded steel pipes, hollow sections.
- „ZKS Ferrum” PLC in Katowice – one of the biggest manufacturers of LPG containers, vertical tanks and cisterns in Poland.
Production: pressure vessels for LPG, vertical tanks, autoclaves, cisterns, construction for metallurgical industry, steel construction for power industry, pipelines and elements for pipelines, building constructions, bridge constructions.

Site: http://www.zks.ferrum.com.pl/en/


- „RBS – Stal” Ltd. in Kraków –the producer of elements and steel construction for building
Production: steel elements for concrete reinforcement, steel plates, steel frames, beam reinforcement, loadbearing wall, piles and much more constructions needed in building industry.
- Huta Zabrze PLC in Zabrze – one of the major producers of machines and equipment for metallurgy, coke industry, power engineering and environment - oriented companies.
Production: machines and equipment for metallurgy, coke industry, power engineering and environment-oriented companies; cranes and transportation equipment, steel constructions, castings of alloy cast and cast steel, mechanical slide valves for blast-furnace and coke gas pipelines.



The company collects, processes and sends scrap to polish mills as well as for export.

We deliver the scrap for segregation and processing to the store places by rail transport and technical motor transport container. We have our own transport-base which enables us to collect scrap from a customer. We carry out documentation in accordance with the Waste Directive together with all certificate records needed in companies and organizations occupying with recycling.
The company has store places with active railway siding and scales: rail and vehicle. For reloading works we use the technical cranes FUCHS type, and for the processing of non-charge scrap to charge scrap holds in the press-shears, scrap bailing presses, briquetting machines and other processing machines. We also
have recycling permit for cars, electric appliances: domestic appliances and consumer electronics, and batteries. Scrap metal trading is performed according to all standards and regulations concerning the Environmental Protection and completed documentation of waste economy. We are registered in the Inspection for Environmental Protection under the number E0001520ZR. 
We occupy with demolition and tear down works.

As a Capital Group we are also interested in cooperation with companies which offer materials and products in supplies ranges for separates partnerships.
In case of bids we can present references in particular production ranges. 
If you require any further information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Export Department:


Magdalena Malinowska
phone:+48 32 67 09 273
mobile:+48 512 121 062


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